Street Food Tacos at Market in Tequila Town

Formed by a series of restaurants around a fountain without water, the market of regional dishes is a collection of regional cuisine where the locals eat.

Ancestral dishes, family recollection of recipes that have been polished over time to satisfy the demanding palates accustomed to the astringent taste of brandy.

Complex preparation dishes available in a couple of minutes for the visitor are offered at the Cleofas Mota Market.

The goat birria, cakes drowned with birote brought from Guadalajara increases the tasting menus. an excellent place to taste typical foods of the municipality.

The municipal market “Cleofas Mota” is a good place to try the typical full of flavors and smells that you can not stop eating.

Doña Mary’s food is a home-cooked meal with a village flavor. Her freshly made tortillas invoked old memories or those black and white films from the last century.

Doña Mary limits herself to a market stall with two long wooden benches where the jimadores sit and the tequila factories work.

The variety of dishes is limited to beef broth, steak meat in chili sauce, moronga, and mole with chicken.

All dishes include rice soup and fried beans (small pebbles often appear at the bottom of the bean dish so be careful and your teeth are damaged)

If the beans broke a tooth think that he paid only $ 45 Pesos for a whole banquet like he used to prepare his grandmother.

Average cost per person $ 80 Pesos MXN