Organization of Tequila Incentive Events

Recognize your best employees. Keeping teams motivated is key to the success of your organization.

A day of recreation Tequila Jalisco Mexico, less than 1 hour from Guadalajara, is an extraordinary option.

We will make each guest feel important. We can offer you guided tours through the tequila haciendas, a multitudinous tasting in different spaces and ideal to get out of the routine, it can also be complemented with music, dances, games and good atmosphere all day.

Knowing the importance of the meetings and events market, Panoramex offers a series of incentives and packages for Meeting Planners to bring their upcoming events to Tequila, Jalisco.

These incentives and packages for events include lodging in haciendas converted into hotels with single and / or double rooms which already have breakfast included.

Organization of Tequila Incentive Events

Also as part of the services are packages of coffee for 8 hours, 3-course meal with unlimited food and non-alcoholic beverages, as well as use of equipment and audiovisual technology with projector screen and technical support.

This conglomerate of specialized services for groups and events offered by Panoramex, is available from $ 3,400 mxm per person.

All this in order that the organizers of events can find an attractive option to make their next meeting.

On the other hand, another series of elements available to Mundo Cuervo for meeting planners (which are not included in the package but can be managed), are special forums such as Hacienda Centenario, an area that may have a quorum of 3,500 people at the same time through a space of 7,400m2.

The experiences also include visits to the oldest distillery in the Latin American region, La Rojeña, where attendees can mix and bottle their own tequila.

Also as part of their products for groups, horseback rides are offered by land of agave, excursions to Guachimotones in Teuchitlán (an archaeological zone) and trips aboard the José Cuervo Express.

A walk along the Tequila Route and its gastronomic route, a dinner with an agave landscape or simply get lost, in the company of our expert guides, for the history and culture of each Magical town.

Work performance will be better after this trip. Your employees and your customers will thank you.