What to do in Tequila

One of the tourist tours in Mexico that attracts the most visitors -national and foreign- is the Tequila route, the Magic Town where this agave distillate was born.

Millionaire fortunes has built large haciendas and distilleries have started and ended even today. However, that region is more than the drink to which it gives its name; It has amazing natural attractions, streets full of history and architectural gems. Every corner has something to tell.

History and architecture
The tequila route is much more. Tequila is a magical town where architecture and history come together in an incredible way. Through its cobbled streets you can tour the Plaza de Armas, the Municipal Palace and know the old distilleries that made this place famous. Do not forget to visit the tequila museums and the grandparents. All the attractions of this type can be found marked with the color purple.

Farms and distilleries
Tequila, one of the most representative drinks in Mexico, was born here. This municipality of Jalisco was the first to industrialize the process of making tequila, a lucrative activity that promoted the construction of haciendas, factories and distilleries. Marked with red, here you can find the most important houses and distilleries in the municipality of Tequila.

Other factories, less known, also offer tours, demonstrations and tastings in the municipalities of Amatitán and El Arenal that you can locate on the map with the color blue.

Tequila is framed by green landscapes where not only agave grows. Dare to go further to discover waterfalls and tour the Tequila volcano, whose imposing crater witnessed the birth of one of the most recognized Mexican industries worldwide. Find these marked places with green on the map.