Where to Eat

Where to eat in Tequila Jalisco Mexico Pueblo is a Guide to the best food and restaurants Down Town Tequila and the area.

Good food and service is a difficult decision due to the huge variety of regional cuisine united to the rich Mexican gastronomy, fused flavors, and cooking techniques from different regional cultures.

Delicious tastes could be found just arround the corner for very low prices with great flavors.

We will make some recommendations of the best known places with seating service, but keep in mind, there are opportunities for street tacos al pastor everywhere.

La Posta Restaurant

To eat the regional dishes of the Tequila valley I recommend this restaurant. The specialty is regional restaurant dishes and for this the whole ambience is adapted to the concept: its crockery, rustic furniture, music ranchera, but most importantly, authentic Mexican ranch food that is becoming more difficult to get.

To mitigate the intense heat, they receive you with a delicious lemon margarita. Delicious food with home-made flavor and a chef who prepares molcajeteada sauce instantly. His specialty is the Chamorro to the firewood and the candles made with Tequila and citrus fruit juices.

La Taberna del Cofrade Restaurant

Tavern in Tequila that is 4.5 meters underground. A bar restaurant in Tequila underground with an old tavern atmosphere that makes us relive the tequila yesterdays, when at the time of the conquest, its prohibition forced the producers to elaborate it clandestinely and market it in the same place.

La Taberna del Cofrade offers a menu of the 5 states that includes the denomination of origin of the Tequila: Jalisco, Nayarit, Michoacán, Guanajuato and Tamaulipas, as well as a varied range of drinks creating the house.

The specialties of La Taberna del Cofrade, are authentic creations made with household ingredients such as tequila, agave juice and mango; Dishes and original drinks that you can not fail to try on your visit: Mayechu Pechuga, fish fillet in mango sauce, shrimp medallion in agave sauce, and our drinks, an experience: Mexican Martini, casserole with Ingueazú, fart bridge , Mango margarita (only in season), barrel tequila, legacy and much more!

Fonda Cholula Restaurant

Fonda Cholula restaurant in a good place to eat in the center of the Pueblo Magico de Tequila Jalisco. It has tables on the street that starts in the Main Square for those who do not want to miss a minute of the characteristic life of a rural village in the valleys of Jalisco.

Fonda Cholula, located in José Cuervo 54, next to the La Rojeña factory, is a place praised for its regional dishes and snacks.

Whether to close the experience of a tour, to close business or spend a fun time with family and / or friends, Fonda Cholula has everything you need to seal your visit to Tierra del Tequila.

Restaurant El Mar II

The best view of the landscape agavero and the city of Tequila has the restaurant the Sea II. On the one hand its guests enjoy an incredible view of the canyon molded by the Santiago River, in the middle you have the view of the extensive fields of agave, and at the other end you see a few kilometers the Magic Town at the foot of the imposing volcano Of Tequila.

The specialty of this rustic restaurant – El Mar II – takes it in its name, seafood. In addition to a rich tossed fish they also offer you fine cuts, chicken and salads as part of the buffet. Their staff is very friendly and as an additional service they can pick you up at the center and return you to the end.

Real Marinero Restaurant

Mexican food restaurant with shrimp in tequila. Located one block from the Main Square and behind the Church of Santiago Apóstol this restaurant offers the traditional Birria de Jalisco in a space for up to 200 people.

In addition to its fine cuts the bar service and variety on the weekends. Some singers from the region enliven their guests while enjoying their specialties.

Antigua Casona Restaurant

La Antigua Casona, in front of the main square, in a house of exquisite Mexican and international food in a beautifully structured and decorated environment.

El Palomar

The Palomar has a good view of the square and the customers praise the breast of tequila, the chilaquiles, the freshness of the bread and the excellent coffee. If you fancy some fruit of the sea or Spanish food.