Tequila Jalisco Mexico


When one gets to Tequila one perceives the aroma of cooked agave that inundates the air as 60 plus tequila factories are found in the city.    Some tequila distilleries are quite emblematic.

Jose Cuervo Express Train
Jose Cuervo Express Train

The breakfast options are varied, but a good idea is to choose one of the traditional market stalls Food, as Menudería Clemen, opened in 1952 and one of the few who prepares dishes with distilled agave, like tequileños eggs, accompanied with chilaquiles, a quesadilla and tequila-based sauce. Another good option is the gourmet cafeteria El Palomar has the best escamochas and exquisite chicken chilaquiles.

Campos de Agave Jose Cuervo Express

The Parish of St. James the Apostle was built in the seventeenth century, and its beauty lies in the simplicity of the building: one tower, a pediment decorated with Doric columns, carved cherubs and a sculpture of San Miguel Archangel. The court has a sculpture of Saint Toribio Romo, Cristero martyr beatified by John Paul II.

The Chapel of the Lord of the Forsaken is a small building built in the sixteenth century, although its present appearance corresponds to the remodeling done in the forties of the last century.


Tequila, Jalisco Mexico

The best way to learn Tequila is taking a tour Tequila from Guadalajara,  Stay away from street tour vendors who promise you the stars.

Tour Tequila Mexico
Tour tequila mexico

Facing Mundo Cuervo is advisable to test the pachecadas, a drink that is a combination of tejuino, a liquor made from fermented corn, which is added beer and salt. Jose Cuervo factory in La Rojeña can not only make the journey through the history of this brand, you can also know the processes of production of tequila and enjoy drinks with different pairings. This was the first factory to obtain a license of King Charles III, in the late eighteenth century, to make the wine-mezcal, as it was known before the tequila.


You can try several dishes made from agave offering Fonda Cholula, like all saints steak, a cut of meat sauce served with mezcal and Chamorro the post, covered with leaves of agave and steamed.

tequila fair and celebrations
Cultural Traditions tequila fair and celebrations

You can not miss the Lavaderos area of the city, also known as “the chismógrafo”. 83 stone plaques are fed by a canal that brings water from the volcano of Tequila, and which came together washerwomen of the city in the 1920s Very close there you can walk the narrow bridge that encuentrasobre the Atizcua delegate river, whose margins are the ruins of the old distillery, the nineteenth-century brick factories which still distinguish reach fireplaces.


Tequila, Jalisco Mexico


The Agave Landscape is made up of the ruins, distilleries, cultivated agave fields and farms that are among the canyon of Rio Grande and the foot of the volcano of Tequila, and was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2006.


The National Museum of Tequila is an old porfiriana nineteenth century mansion, and its interiorse explain the origin of tequila and the evolution of the first distilleries through old photographs and documents, in addition to having a large collection of antique bottles.


La Cantina La Capilla is located at the intersection of Hidalgo and Mexico and dates from 1930. It is said that its name is because there people come walking in and out knees. She was chosen among the top 50 bars in the world by Drinks International Association, which amazes is the simplicity of its bar, with very few brands like Cuervo, Arete, Tequileño and Orendain, with preparing the specialty of the house, which It earned him worldwide recognition: Batanga, a drink made from distilled agave, lemon, salt and cola.


A good place for hiking, rappelling and many adventure activities is Los Azules, a waterfall located in the heart of Tequila Canyon. It has facilities to spend the whole day. You can only reach by foot or on horseback and with the assistance of a guide.


In 1997 there were no passenger trains, so the Chamber of Commerce revived a railway line in order to exalt three symbols to mexicanidad as mariachi, charros and tequila. The Tequila Express train covers a route from Guadalajara to Amatitlán, running the Agave Landscape and includes entertainment like tequila tasting and a visit to the factory Herradura, through a show of mariachis and folkloric dances, flourish of roping and buffet Mexican food.


Tequila, Jalisco Mexico


Jose Cuervo Express offers a route from Guadalajara to Tequila and during the trip you can enjoy a margarita, Mexican sandwiches, snacks and dishes in positions that are in the La Rojeña.

Tour Tequila Cuervo
Tour Tequila Cuervo

The tequila has Denomination of Origin, an international regulation which dictates that only thus can call agave distillate produced enJalisco and some areas of Nayarit, Michoacan, Guanajuato and Tamaulipas. Along the roads of Jalisco you can see different types of tequila, so it is advisable to consume only those with the logo of the Official Mexican Norm (NOM).


Since 1873 Quinta Sauza housed one of the most notable factories agave distillate. Today opens its doors to travelers for an experience around the agave, offers tastings and pairings cuisine, among many other things. It has a shop so you can buy a lot of products.

Tequila has a physical, cultural, spiritual and spiritual heritage that is unparalleled in Mexico. This complete guide provides you with all the information so that you can fully enjoy the Magical Town of Jalisco.